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Our Vision

At Elk Heights Excavation, our goal is to provide the optimal value to our customer's investment, while assuring the growth of our company and the people whom contribute to it's success.


We believe in investing in quality people and equipment. This promotes efficiency and quality workmanship, as well as a safe and enjoyable working environment. Our top of the line Caterpillar equipment is an example of this philosophy. We are equipped with the latest laser technology - producing a more precise job, on time, and on budget.

Elk Heights Excavation is a leader in earth work and excavation in the Seattle area and throughout Washington State. See why our customers love us, view our customer testimonials here!

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Company Profile

Since 1995, Elk Heights Excavation has been involved on projects that cover a wide range of earthwork techniques. We have successfully completed large scale, deep hole shored excavation for urban development, earthwork for light commercial retail, multi-family centers, as well as large acreage, garden-style apartment site-work. View a complete list of services here.


We are one of the few local contractors with in-depth knowledge and experience in soil nail and soldier pile walls, which gives us a unique understanding of the inherent challenges associated with shoring and deep excavations.


Our personnel have met and overcome the special demands involved in working under severe weather and unforgiving geography here in the Pacific Northwest. This experience has given our organization the depth and experience it takes to get the job done, regardless of any challenges encountered. This experienced and dedicated team has created a reputation for quality and value that fosters productivity and continues building positive relationships with our customers.


Jason and Laurie Moe, Owners
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