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Mass Excavation

Elk Heights Excavation has the experience and the horsepower to take your project from the existing grades to any desired elevation needed.

Whether the site demands going 60 plus feet below grade for underground parking or moving 100,000 plus yards of soil to achieve a project build. We have the know-how and the latest models of Caterpillar machinery in tow to bear on any site large or small. Combined with our trucking fleet we can move mountains with speed and accuracy.

Commercial & Residential Sitework

Elk Heights Excavation will hard bid or negotiate all projects large or small from; heavy industrial commercial buildings, mixed use structures, single family homes to multifamily units.


Residential home owners or production house builders can also take advantage of our experience to excavate for their new home at very affordable price.

Heaving Hauling - Import & Export

Big job or small, long haul or short, our trucks make your project run on time. We can have trucks onsite in very short order at an affordable price. Our company has the ability to fill all import and export needs, whether you're looking for a very large dumpsite or a high volume fill.


The experienced management of Elk Heights has created a vast network of resources throughout Washington, making us one of the most competitive earth moving companies in the Pacific Northwest. If you have excess dirt to remove or have a need for sand or gravel, Elk Heights can accommodate you with our 7 and 8 axle dump trucks.


Our fleet of heavy haulers can remove dirt products from anywhere in Washington, and deliver materials on request to your door step with one phone call.

Site Demolition - Clearing, Brush Removal and Logging

No matter how large or small, we can safely clear your lot of old growth timber and stumps, or simply remove the brush to accommodate those who enjoy the "Park" look.


Asphalt roads and parking lots are among a the list of items we demolish. We also complete grinding of asphalt and concrete in place for re-use, around Seattle, WA.


Our approach to clearing property has always been pro- environment, utilizing only debris dump sites that recycle 100% of the wood waste.

Roads / Concrete Slab Prep / Fine & Finish Grading

We specialize in setting your project up for success. We have experience with concrete slab preparations, fine and finish grading and even digging for basements and foundations. 

We have extensive experience in the Seattle area with fine and finish grading. Over time gravel roads and parking lots deteriorate leaving potholes, ruts and defects. Regrading the road surface eliminates defects and adding good quality gravel restores the roads integrity. 

Parking lot grading is absolutely necessary to create a long lasting foundation for the asphalt to lay on top of. Professional fine and finish grading performed by Elk Heights Excavation will leave your surfaces free of defects and prevent premature pavement failure.

Slide Remediation / Landscape & Storm Retention / Pond & Creek Enhancement

Mother Nature doesn't give us break during the winter months here in the Pacific Northwest. That being said, there is a lot of room for slide remediation, storm retention and creek enhancement before the fall and winter months.

Elk Heights can help you improve and stabilize your soil before the rainy season. Doing this before disaster strikes is ideal, but Elk Heights also specializes in these services after the weather has taken over.

Take preventative measures and get an estimate today! 

Soil Amending

Commercial and residential soil amendments are critical in King County. Our goal is to ensure your soil amendments get done quickly and efficiently. Whether your project needs native soil removed or new soil added, we have your back! Our top of the line Caterpillar machines can move thousands of yards of dirt, at a steady pace. 

Our fleet of heavy haulers can remove dirt products from anywhere in Washington, and deliver materials on request to your door step with one phone call.

Contaminated Soil

Do you have a contaminated site, that needs removal and disposal? Being one of the top excavation companies in the Seattle area, Elk Heights Excavation specializes in contaminated soil removal and disposal. 

Helping the environment and your project, we ensure that the contaminated material is properly disposed of depending on your location. 

Soil Erosion Control

We are knowledgeable in effective erosion control throughout Washington. We understand that here in the Pacific Northwest, mother nature doesn't give us any breaks.

Erosion control, mud slides and flooding are serious matters. Taking in to consideration the recommendations of a Soils Engineer, we can ensure the project will be executed according to the project standards. 

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